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3ply (10-15-10)

  • Made with all Oak.
  • Dimensions 4.5" x 8' x 14'
  • 144 Bolts/Nuts
  • 20-22 Mats per Truckload

These mats are tough enough for just about any job! At almost 5" thick and made with solid oak hardwood, these mats are ready for the field!

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Our Mats

Every job is different. As a result, that's why we produce a variety of mat types to balance both budget and load requirements.

Laminated Mats

For our customers who need access to power lines, pipelines and cell towers we offer 2-ply laminated mats. Made from 2'x8' solid oak timbers, these mats offer quality and quantity at an economical cost. Current market interest is in 14'x8' dimensions; making them free of “wide load” restrictions.

These re-usable mats are quite versatile. Weight is approximately 1400 Lbs. per mat, and depending on the truck, we can ship up to 35 mats per load. That means reasonable shipping costs.

Laminated Standard

An upgrade from the 2-ply mat, these mats are more durable and capable. Each weighs approximately 2400 Lbs. We ship 17-18 per truckload. These mats are typically carriage bolted and countersunk fastened, allowing for a flat surface for holding each layer tightly together.

Laminated Interlocking

As strong and durable as a squared 3ply. Interlocking tongues allow assembly of a bigger, more stable work space and also prevents mat separation.

Crane Mats

The thickest, most durable mat. These are heavy duty!

Custom Mats

You tell us what you need! We are happy to work with you to provide the right mat for the job. So if you have your own specs for us to follow, or if you are not sure what mat best suits your needs, no problem! We are happy to help.

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